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Baltimore Aquarium Dive Trip

Summary video from our road trip to Baltimore to dive in the National Aquarium!

Cozumel Dive Trip 2019

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Huge Lobsters! Beautiful Coral Caves! Massive Parrot Fish! Tons of Eels!

 We are still on a high from the fantastic diving in Cozumel! There is a very good reason that Cozumel is one of the top dive locations in the world and it continues to prove that. So here are some details on the trip!

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Diving with Willy off the Dive Cat


We were very impressed with boat crew we had at Scuba Club as well as our Divemaster Willy. The diving was wonderful as always with a lot of wildlife and corals. Shore diving can have a little bit of surge to deal with and it is mostly a flat, sandy area. Despite the lack of reef, there was a vast amount of wildlife off shore and you can always find some cool critters under the dock and around the small rubble pile. The night dive we did from the boat was loved by everybody and the shore night dives don’t disappoint either.

Kraken Scuba, Dive Trip, Cozumel Mexico, Mayan Ruins

Non-Diving Activities


The resort itself is really designed for divers and lacks any large hangout spaces but there is some nice lounge chairs around the pool and in the sand as well as a lovely set of hammocks by the water's edge. It is a short walk into the main strip of town where there is lots of little shops to explore and places to eat or drink. If you are looking more adventure, a taxi ride further into the island can take you the Mayan Ruins of San Gervasio which is a cool experience. 

Kraken Scuba Ice Diving - Live Interview

Our Course Director Mike Rogan did a short interview with The Weather Channel live from the ice while diving at the Lake George Winter Carnival in February 2019

We did ice diving demonstrations and courses over the course of three different weekends. Checkout the photo album to see all the fun and be sure to stop by next year to watch it in person, or maybe join in the fun as well!

Ice Diving Photos

Baltimore Aquarium - January 2019

Kraken scuba, Baltimore aquarium, dive trip

A coral reef experience right here in the northeast!

We had so much getting to dive in the National Aquarium and play with all the amazing tropical fish. We will be going back again before the summer starts!

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Sunday Fun Dives

Summer diving at its best!

We had so much getting together with old dive buddies and making new friends by getting together on Sunday mornings for a couple of fun dives!

We will be doing it again!

Join us next year for some or all of the Sunday dives and see just how many local dive sites and local divers there are! Stay tuned for the schedule. 

Check out the photo album!

Sunday Fun Dive Photos


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We would like to congratulate all the new divers that got certified this summer as well as all those who furthered their education with Advanced, Rescue and Specialty certifications!

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