Professional Dive Staff

Mike Rogan

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Michael (Mike) Rogan, PADI Course Director,

Course Director, 188325

With the high ranking of Course Director, Mike can teach just about any PADI course. He loves passing on his teaching techniques mostly through Divemaster and Instructor courses. Mike also trains and works with many public safety dive teams and has experience in many types of diving. 

Scott Andrejeski

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Scott Andrejeski, PADI IDC Staff Instructor

IDC Staff Instructor, 162958

As an IDC staff instructor, Scott can assist with Instructor training and has years of experience to pull from. He is another instructor who loves wreck diving and passing on little tips. Scott is happy to help new students in whatever way possible and you can always count on him having a snack. 

Phil Shappy

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Philip Shappy, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

Master Scuba Diver Trainer, 292695


A wreck diving enthusiast, Phil also enjoys tec diving and completing deep trimix dives to see wrecks most divers don’t get to visit. As a Master Scuba Diver Trainer he can teach many specialty courses and always has good tips to share. 

Rob Keller

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Robert Keller, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

Master Scuba Diver Trainer, 331379


Rob is another one of our instructors who just loves to be in the water and enjoys introducing new diver to the underwater world. He is usually diving with a camera in hand as a way to share the wonders we see with others. 

Steve Fingar

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Steve Fingar, PADI Assistant Instructor

 Assistant Instructor, 240725

Our longest diver on staff, Steve was first certified in 1984 and has experience with many different types of diving and holds numerous certifications. He loves to dive the wrecks off North Carolina and you can always count on Steve to have extra hair ties and many great diving tips. 

Maria Campano

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Maria Campano, PADI Divemaster

Divemaster, 293804


The shark lover of our group, Maria is a fierce diver who will go on any dive that includes large marine life. She enjoys introducing new divers to the passion we all share of the underwater world. 

Joe Moran

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Joe Moran, PADI Divemaster

Divemaster, 188993


Another long time diver, Joe has been certified since 1987 and has tons of fun stories to share. Joe has been diving all over the world and loves all the friends you make as a result of diving. He can’t wait to train new divers and make even more friends who love this sport as much as him. 

Mark McGill

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Mark McGill, PADI Divemaster

 Divemaster, 92117

Mark has also been diving since 1987 and his favorite diving is Caribbean wall dives. Although he enjoys exploring the wrecks of Lake Champlain these days and does a lot of mooring work in his free time. 

Nate Miglucci

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Nate Miglucci, PADI Divemaster

Divemaster, 240758


As a lover of exploring the outdoors, Nate first tried scuba diving to continue that love and got hooked. He now enjoys helping introduce new divers to his love and continuing to explore the world beneath. 

Bryan Bourque

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Bryan Bourque, PADI Divemaster

Divemaster, 352061


Bryan greatly enjoys helping new divers in whatever way is most needed. He will get you through the little things and then go diving with you to experience the big things. Bryan is also an avid fisherman and loves diving to see all the wildlife that lives below the surface. 

Scott Cooper

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Scott Cooper, PADI Divemaster

Divemaster, 406705

Although Scott helps teach in the Northeast, he prefers diving in warm water and is always up for a trip to the Caribbean. Cozumel is his favorite place to go but Scott will dive with you wherever you would like to go.

Lauri Spargo

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Lauri Spargo, PADI Divemaster

Divemaster, 417830


Our newest Divemaster has been diving for years and has a love of the ocean unparalleled by many. She takes great pride in helping new students learn all the tips and tricks that make them real divers. Lauri can always be found with a bag for trash in hand and is lovingly referred to as an underwater vacuum cleaner, picking up trash all over the world one piece at time. 

Anthony DelVecchio

Kraken Scuba dive team professional, Anthony DelVecchio, PADI Divemaster

Divemaster, 420175


Anthony is greatly involved in all kinds of public safety and rescue diving with a few different groups. He enjoys a lot of fresh water diving in local lakes and wants to help divers overcome fears and become more experience and comfortable.

Anna Barfield


Divemaster, 440309

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Jay Beck


Divemaster, 440378

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Jason Moore


Divemaster, 440744


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Greg Goldstein



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