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Surface Support


A series of gathers with fellow divers to converse in all things scuba while we deal with the long surface interval that is winter in the Northeast. 

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Ice Diving

ice diving, lake George, PADI Ice Diver

February 9th, 16th, 17th, and 23rd

Stop by to see the demonstrations, sign-up for an adventure dive, or become a certified Ice Diver. 

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Cozumel Dive Trip

Cozumel, wreck diving, drift diving, dive cozumel

March 9th-16th, 2019

Join us for a week full of diving on beautiful coral reefs!

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Baltimore Aquarium Dive

Baltimore Aquarium, scuba diving, aquarium diver

January 12th, 2019

Have the urge to dive over the winter?

Need something fun to do with your non-diver family and friends?

Dive in the Aquarium

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Check back here often for information about upcoming dive trips with the Kraken Scuba team. There is nothing better than a week of scuba diving with friends!

Feel free to reach out to us about booking your own personal trip. We would love to share our experience and assist in anyway we can. 

Through PADI's travel program we can book diving trips for any number of people to top rated PADI dive resorts all over the world.